photos of fall

Where has the time gone?

It’s almost the middle of November already, and winter is fast approaching. As much as I can’t wait to spend next semester studying abroad in South Africa to avoid the Vermont wintery season, I’m so happy that I got to spend another beautiful fall here on campus/in Burlington, etc. From unbeatable sunsets to watching medieval trebuchets launch pumpkins for a prize (yes, that actually happened. Check out the multimedia we did about it here), I’ve had a wonderfully memorable fall semester so far, and there’s only more fun to come. Here are some photos I’ve taken along the way…

DSC_0221Pumpkin flying through the air during the Pumpkin Chuckin’ Festival


Above perspective of downtown Burlington


Playing with perspective and motion


Fell in love with this horse at Shelburne Farms

photo 1

Mom & me – apple picking

photo 2

Who doesn’t love a good flea market? We didn’t get to stop there, but I love the idea of going


One of the pumpkin chuckin’ contestants readying his trebuchet

photo 3

Beautiful fall foliage before all of the leaves fell (sorry for the poor quality Instagram photo…whoops)

photo 3

We have the most beautiful sunsets in Vermont

photo 4

Fall calls for fun shoes! Lauren Carter rocks it once again

photo 5

Pumpkin everything!

photo 6Wandering in fields for the sake of beautiful photos 🙂



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