5 steps for staying productive

It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged over here, putting a bit more focus on my personal blog this summer. But after going abroad – exploring and experiencing a new culture – and enjoying the summer at home, I couldn’t be happier being back at St. Mike’s to enjoy this last year as a college student 🙂

On that note, with classes starting once again, procrastination tendencies always seem to follow. Here are 5 simple tips for staying productive as the semester carries on…

1. Pick your place wisely

My go-to? Bergeron (The MJD building).  It’s basically been my 2nd home since day one – a journalism major’s top spot. You can always count on MJD friends already being there, but not to the point where it’s distracting. If you’re someone that needs more individual space, try the library or a classroom in the academic buildings. I never work at home because of the temptation to waste time, but if that works for you, stick to it!


2. Take a break outside

Fresh air! Vermont has a ton of it, so take advantage of the beautiful weather while you can! It can get overwhelming sitting inside/in front of a computer screen for hours; take a little break every hour or so to regroup and clear your head.


3. Make a list/schedule

No list = something will probably get overlooked. Sometimes it’s even helpful and efficient to make an hourly schedule when your workload is at a peak. Also, post-its are probably the most helpful invention to date.








4. Caffeinate/hydrate

I can’t stay on track without a bit of coffee to jumpstart my day. But if you’re not a big coffee fan, bring water and/or a snack with you while tackling a ton of work. That way you won’t be (as) tempted to leave early/rush. Also, coffee = staying more alert after late night study sessions…always necessary.


5. Background noise (vs. distractions)

Do: put on instrumental study Pandora radio station if you like a bit of background noise while working. Don’t: go over to a friend’s house while they’re having a movie marathon.


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