Feeling like fall

Our ACA in the 400s brought around tissues and tea to all of the residents – just another reason to love the St. Mike’s community πŸ™‚

There’s truly nothing like Vermont in the fall. Apart from running around like crazy (classes, internship, etc.), I try to get into town/outside to enjoy this beyond perfect weather whenever time permits….


Above, left: Stunning fall foliage has taken over the trees on campus, and I’m completely in love with all of the shades of fall. Right: My new vespa, “Mr. Tango,” is the best way to get around while the weather is at its prime – going into town and enjoying the fresh air – I can’t think of anything better.


Above: The Burlington skyline from three different views – all a perfect depiction of why this little city is a beautiful place to be.


Above, left: The outside of Arts Riot in BTV (I loved the strung lights and artsy feel of the outside of the building) Right: Enjoying apple cider in a mason jar outside of my house.


Above, left: Doing work outside with my friend Lauren (one of the handful of times we’ve gotten out of Bergeron and tried to get stuff done while enjoying the fall weather) Right: The first issue of The Defender this semester – my multimedia with Lauren on style in Vermont! Check it out here.



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